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Land Mine Surveying

Land Mine Surveying

Ace High Drones specialises in innovative explosive ordnance detection and reporting services, combining LiDAR and Thermal with a suite of other sensors.

Land Mine Clearance - Ace High DronesWe are teamed with Fenix Insight, specialists in ordnance clearance and weapons intelligence. Fenix combines decades of operational experience with AI databasing systems to provide vital real-world context. Together, we offer a unique solution for the location and identification of EO in post-conflict zones.

Land Mine Surveying

  • Market leading drone fleetMulti Sensor Arrays
  • Temperature Optimisation
  • Extensive Operator Network
  • Diverse Experience


  • Advanced LiDAR Technology: Our drones use LiDAR technology to create highly accurate 3D topographical maps.
  • Multi-Sensor Integration: Other sensor options include thermal imaging, metal detection, and ground-penetrating radar.
  • Data Collection: Our drones collect comprehensive data on geographical coordinates, size, type, and depth of detected ordnance.
  • Analysis: We employ advanced AI algorithms and machine learning to analyse this data, providing detailed, actionable intelligence in real-time.
  • Safety and Efficiency: Drones minimise human exposure to explosive hazards and significantly reduce the time required for surveying large areas, optimising valuable clearance resources.
  • Post-Clearance Verification: Follow-up surveys can provide additional quality assurance.

Land Mines


We offer unique expertise, combining:

  • Employment of drones and sensors
  • Ordnance characteristics and recognition
  • Remediation of post conflict zones
  • Application of AI and machine imaging
  • Decades of demining experience
  • Familiarity with agencies and processes
  • First hand knoweledge of Ukraine

Ace High / Fenix - A Unique Solution

We provide a unique combination of hardware, technology and operational experience.

This enables the accurate detection and mapping of ordnance, enabling the safe and efficient remediation of contaminated land.